Footpaths don’t clear themselves and if nature had its way, every path would be overgrown. So as well as guiding, I host volunteers who visit the island to help me keep the trails open as well as work with me to rediscover and open the ancient stone path routes that have fallen into disuse. These volunteers come from all over the world via the wonderful  website  They stay with me and at participating hotels that donate a week or two accommodation free of charge.

Holidaymakers sometimes donate a day or two during the course of their stay. If you’d like to help out, please contact me.

Meals are provided and prepared by me and the volunteers come to my house to dine. From time to time, we also get donated meals provided by local tavernas, which is great as the food is fabulous, it gives me a night off from cooking and the volunteers get to meet local people.

Tools were originally purchased by me and latterly I made a Crowdfunder and raised enough money to buy a chainsaw. However, the original tools are now wearing out and I think another Crowdfunder is required.

There is a lot of local support from businesses and private individuals but nothing at the moment on an official level.