It all began in 1986 when I decided to take a career break and accepted a job with Laskarina Holidays as resort representative.  I was delighted by the  natural beauty of the island and the traditional ways of doing things .  It reminded me not only of my childhood  but also of the harsh yet simple way of life my mother told me about when she was growing up in rural Kent. The following summer I returned  and in 1988  bought a cottage and settled. Walking the dog and exploring, I noticed hidden stone paths here and there. Every time I went out, I  wasn’t satisfied unless I had found another portion!  These were the original highways of the island that had fallen into disuse with the advent of the car. I started clipping away and I’m still doing it!!   Back then, the calderimia were being destroyed as land-owners bulldozed roads to their property. Thankfully nowadays, this is rare.  I feel passionately about these works of art and will continue to fight their corner by not only keeping them free and open but also free from illegal fences.Thirty years on, I live in the same cottage in Skopelos town.heather