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If you don’t want to buy my book but still wish to hike, get the app and try to find where I have hidden a cache. Using the gps co-ordinates I have put on the site, you can easily find them but they will always require a hike. At the moment, I have hidden two but will be adding to the collection as and when. Take a pen with you to add your name to the scroll and put it back where you found it for others to find. Happy hunting!


Monopaty Resina by Ag ReginosMichael and Matt
Michael and Matt left this morning. They were great volunteers and did an excellent job of clearing the trail from where the others had left off, up to the church of Ag Reginos. So this section is now totally open and ready for use.
The next couple have cancelled and I’m now wondering whether to bother getting replacements as it’s getting rather hot and I’ve been working nearly solidly since the middle of April.
The only remaining section is not clearing but creating; from Platanakia down to Elios. We’ll see!


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Three volunteers have just left and two more will be arriving tomorrow. It was particularly sad to say goodbye to Sylvan and Morag from New Zealand. Sylvan was a dab hand with the chain-saw.

Emily, Sylvan, Morag, Pamela
We have now cleared the calderimi on Anania hill and down to where it meets the asphalt road at Pirgos. The Ag Reginos portion was cleared in April and the section down towards Elios was cleared last October. We will be now working on a portion just below the church which has been closed for quite some years by new tree growth. It will then be only the recreation of the trail (no calderimi unfortunately) down to Elios itself from Platanakia.



Walk 18 to Elios. The portion of trail from Pirgos up to the tiny church of Ag Reginos, page 63 picture 69 of Skopelos Trails, is now open. It’s about 1km long and took the two of us 5 days to clear. About 3/4s in, the path disappears. I believe there must have been a landslide. So we had to create a new track; but you’ll have to make your way up a rather step incline to join the main road and the church. HOWEVER, upon inspection of the track FROM the church down towards Elios, there are many fallen trees, so we have to make a start there now. Our work is never done! Thank goodness for the chain saw. This type of clearing would not have been possible without it. Thank you so very much again, to all the people who donated. The balance of the money is being spent on fuel and oil for the saw.


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Together with Henni from Germany, the first volunteer of the season, we have made a start on clearing a beautiful stretch of calderimi that runs in the forest at Pirgos towards Ag Reginos. The stones are in very good condition but the trail is very overgrown. Tools were purchased from the donation money collected via the crowd funder; a chain saw, long handled loppers and sheers. Thank you very much to all the backers and thanks also to Nikos Orfanos for providing gloves and fuel free of charge.


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I have also FINALLY finished my mad quest to reopen the old calderimi to Taxiarchion on Palouki. This is the section from the big goat station, which branches off the newly opened track up to the top of Palouki at the white cross, all the way past Triada (branch off there is also open now) and ends at the start of the new calderimi going down to Agios Anna and Taxiarchion. It’s taken about 5 years in fits and starts! I couldn’t bear to leave it there all closed up, as most of the way it is really clearly defined. The last section nearly defeated me, as that was not at all clear – but by working from both ends with several false starts I suddenly found the route running straight and its now clear!! Marked it with your signs! I hope a few people use it.