Pictorial update3

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The Samba Band festival in Coburg is a hectic, noisy, crowded, expensive three day event held annually for the last 16 years. Surprisingly not so well organised, dad and I (being separate from the rest of the band, who were … Continued

Pictorial update 1

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Here is Yorgi’s house on the ferry from Greece to Italy. Later, he refused to use it and ended up curled up in a corner of the pen – opposite to where the two labs were. Next one, arriving in … Continued

Times in Corfu

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Hi everyone. Well I’ve had a fantastic time here on Corfu; thanks to Mike and Gilly. Here they are. Thanks very much indeed. Yesterday I met up with Tina, who rented my spare bedroom ten years ago. She worked at … Continued

Hello Corfu!

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The drive from Parga to Iggoumenitsa took about an hour and I didn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes for the ferry. The crossing took just over an hour and Mike, Gilly’s husband was waiting for me at Corfu … Continued

Good-bye Parga

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Hi everyone. Jesus I look terrible! So, here is part of the old team: Adoni, Lou, me and the lovely Eva – taken just before leaving Parga. Was absolutely fantastic to meet up with them but I won’t miss Eva’s … Continued


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Eva’s apartment is situated in the Castro area of Parga, which is a maze of narrow streets around the old Venitian castle. Here is the view from her balcony, not that she has much time to appreciate it. The place … Continued

The way over

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Here we are on top of the world, high in the Pindus mountains – the bit before it going REALLY BORING. A new highway is being constructed with some amazing bridges and tunnels but the construction is here and there, … Continued


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Hi everyone. Here we are getting on the ferry at Skopelos. Yorgi wasn’t too keen on the boat trip and settled just as we arrived. Stayed in the Jason overnight and set early Monday morning. So now we are in … Continued