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I recently had the pleasure of accompanying Mary Diamantis, the president of the Skopelos Hoteliers Union, to Naupaktos where an Eco Tourism exhibition took place. It was heartening to see how many islands were being supported by their local councils … Continued


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We’ve just said ‘Good-bye'(9 October) to Emily from the US and Jack from the UK who have been working here since 18 September. They were excellent volunteers and worked very hard indeed without complaint! We did a bit of maintenance … Continued

September clearing

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We welcomed our first Greek volunteer recently, Dimitris Zachos. It was good to have a strapping lad around, capable of lifting heavy logs. We gave the Retsina Trail a clean up and put up a sign at the Platanakia end. … Continued


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Somebody is erecting an illegal fence on The Resina Trail. The portion is on Anania Hill. They are blocking the top, near Ag Nikalaus and the bottom near Ag Paraskavi. It’s very make-shift and easy to dismantle so don’t be … Continued


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If you don’t want to buy my book but still wish to hike, get the app and try to find where I have hidden a cache. Using the gps co-ordinates I have put on the site, you can easily … Continued


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Three volunteers have just left and two more will be arriving tomorrow. It was particularly sad to say goodbye to Sylvan and Morag from New Zealand. Sylvan was a dab hand with the chain-saw. We have now cleared the calderimi … Continued

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