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In 2014 we cleared the Simesia remma (Kambos/Pefkia), Ag Marina towards Sotiros track, Mili spring towards Ag Marina, Moutero remma up towards the spring and reopened calderimia from Moutero church towards the remma and finally Zukala spring Glysteri up towards the rubbish tip.

10 Responses to PROBLEM OUT WALKING?

  • Kris Hines says:

    Hi Heather,

    I am coming to Skopelos in September (after a break of 36 years!!) and am finding some nice spots to stay and visit – quieter and beautiful is my thing.

    I am wanting to find that beautiful cliff top pine? tree walk with the sea far below that they were running along in Mamma Mia (sorry, another fan, but it got my Skopelos longing going again). Can’t find it on any film googles.

    Do you know where that is? It may be on Skiathos of course?

    I’d also love to hear of any shorter 2-5 -ish km coastal walks with lovely views.

    Hopefully I’ll be an eco-and-Skopelos-friendly tourist.



    • heather parsons says:

      Sorry to have taken so long to reply. There is a short track running between Milia and Kastani beach which could be the one. Only a nanosecond of Skiathos is shown but it could also be in Damoukari on Pelion where much was filmed. Many lovely walks here on Skopelos. Where to start?

    • Heather Parsons says:

      Rereading your note, I wonder if you mean Amarenthos, which is near Agnondas. Some years ago, a fire road was made which can easlily be found on the last curve before Agnondas from Skopelos. Follow for about an hour. On one of the many curves is a huge schism with a trail beside it. follow, keeping right and you will see the promontory on your left. H

  • Kris Hines says:

    And also, is the walk between Agnontas and Limnonari along the cliff?



  • Dupont Christine says:

    Thank you for your Skopelos guide. This will be my first time at Skopelos and I would be grateful if you could advise me on addresses of simple holiday houses conveniently situated so as to reach the different hiking trails without having to drive too much.

    Thank you very much
    Kind regards,
    Christine Dupont

  • Ron Knaap says:

    just come back from Skopelos, our 4th visit, had some good walks.
    Did not know about the new signed walks until I decide to buy a new map, we did T1 and T3, T3 marked as T1 on the map!, we thought we had gone wrong as the track got a little rough (riverbed) and it was hard to get up to the road, if we would have started from the other end I’m not sure if we would have proceeded.More advertising for the T walks I feel
    We tried to walk 33 Panormos round trip, but got nowhere, we found the start and shrine, but never found the nice track through the forest, we tried another route and followed the road at the north of Panormas, but in the end it was blocked of with a gate and a work in progress sign, we could see road running on top of what looked like a new ridge.
    Still lots of fun and keep up the good work.

  • mike says:

    Hi Heather, sounds like great work you are doing. We love the Greek islands and have been to Skopelos in 2013
    We will visit again for 2 weeks in May this year (17)
    Wherever we go we spend part of every day walking and hiking. Maybe we could do our little bit and help out for a few hours one day?

    Mike and Belinda (NW England)

  • beeken jean-louis & viviane says:

    can we have one reservation from 22/06/2017 tho 26/06/2017 room nr 4 thank you
    price and everthing thank you do you have card for reservation de ferry

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