Calderimi – Ag Reginos, Pirgos to Platanakia, Elios

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Today I showed a new friend the above stretch of calderimi. He is Greek but not from here. He’s from Crete. The way is as bad as it gets; totally overgrown with rock rose, sage etc. plus trees upright and ones that have fallen across the path.  He’s volunteered to start clearing it, starting at the bottom. Whenever he has a couple of hours to spare, he will go there.
At the end of the month, students from the Georgia Perimeter College, USA will be arriving to give a helping hand.  Whether we’ll get the entire segment open remains to be seen.
So where is the forestry department I ask? Playing backgammon of course…


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The printer has promised that my book will be here by next Wednesday (14th).

The envelopes have already been written out and I’m ready to leap into action just as soon as they arrive. Thank you all for being so patient.

Meanwhile, I spent last Saturday driving round putting signs up; 40 in all. I just need to measure the distances now. Any volunteers?


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The draft was delivered to the formatter yesterday! Thank goodness! I should get it back in a week to do last minute tweeks. It will then be away to the printer and they have promised it back in speedy time. Thanks to all of you for waiting. I’ll let you know when it’s in my hands.


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A lovely day on Sunday and was able to get out and explore a different route up to Palouki. Success! Better luck than last week when I explored one of the old tracks from Stis Stathou spring in a roundal back to Tria Plantania. There were 5 fences! We got over 4 of them but had to give up at the fifth. Also, I couldn’t find the old way from Sendoukia down to Karia. Too overgrown. All the bulldozer damage down in Cyperisi was for nothing really too. It’s growing over again. So what was the point of destroying the path?

Nearly finished the rewrite. It’s taken a while and I still won’t have time to add maps, as I’d wanted.


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After planning to get the majority of the updates in place over the Christmas period, due to computer incompatibility problems, it wasn’t possible. I’ve been back 2 weeks and had further computer problems which I think are now resolved. It’s alarming just how many changes have taken place since the last publication: the old brick kiln has gone, a huge bulldozed road nearly to the lighthouse in Glossa has annihilated the track, other paths have just disappeared. For years I would walk around the island, going back time and time again and finding the paths still open. It’s a totally different story now. If I don’t go out with my clippers on a regular basis, in just six months, you wouldn’t even know a path had existed in some places.
I have a meeting with the forestry people tomorrow and hope they will remove all the fallen trees below Ag Reginos in Pirgos so that the calderimi can once again be used.


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Sifting through some old photos, I had the idea of every month offering a free hike to locals or a half price one to tourists, who can correctly identify the location of the image. So, where is it?