A Field Guide to the Insects & Spiders of Skopelos
Written by Drs Brian & Elizabeth Ridout and Philip Insall. Includes Geology, water, wildlife, butterflies, moths, bugs, beetles, flies, wasps, ants, spiders & scorpions.
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Fund raising Appeal
Fund Raising
We need to raise funds to replace or repair equipment and to generally run the programme.
  Any donation welcome. We will keep you informed of the use to which the new funds are put.
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Geo Track Viewer 2
Geo Viewer 2 ...LATEST VERSION
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Moutero circular 16k
16k circular from Skopelos town. Dirt roads to Moutero return via trails
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Skopelos Trails: Nature Walking Guide To Skopelos – 4th Edition
First published in April 2001, this attractive 89 page book contains 33 walks and hikes, historical information, places of interest, nature notes and 'spotters' lists of birds, butterflies, snakes and flora. It incorporates at least the spirit although sadly few walks remain, of the old Sotos Walking Guide (published by Neil Belson in 1988).
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Terrain Map of Skopelos 2015 out of stock
The Skopelos Terrain Map (2015 edition) is also available for 8.50 Euros, and can be purchased separately or with the book (select from the menu above). Online costs including postage and packing.
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Walk 10b

Kokala/Pefkia/Kimissia/Kambos circular

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Walk 17 Coast to Coast
Skopelos town to Panormos bay
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Walk 18 The Retsina Trail

The Retsina Trail Skopelos to Elios/New Clima

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Walk 7 Tzelali circular
Skopelos to Tzelali via Monk's trail
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