The Beautiful Aegean Island of Skopelos.

skopmapSkiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos and Skyros are part of a group of islands set in the middle of the sparkling Aegean Sea that are known as the Northern Sporades. They lie just to the East of the Magnesias Peninsula and indeed some 3 million years ago were connected! Now they have to be reached by Ferry or, in the case of Skiathos, by air and sea; Skiathos having the only truly commercial airport of the four islands (Skyros does have a military airport that is used by a few domestic Olympic flights).

Skopelos is the largest island of the group and is steeped in history. Soaring mountains, verdant pine forests, sparkling clear seas and wonderful beaches, all that you could wish for. A paradise for walkers and hikers. The island attracts the more discerning visitor, yet retains the charm of traditional Greek island life. Our Walks and Hikes are designed to show off the most beautiful parts of the island and its flora and fauna. 

 Greece as it used to be

The pace of life on Skopelos is gentle. There is always time to sit and chat, watch the world go by or simply soak up the sun and scenery. Stress is not an option here! The people of the island are warm and friendly and always make you feel welcome.

Skopelos Town is the capital and main port for the island.

A charming little town with its white-washed houses, red tiled roofs, flowered gardens and balconies. Its many little white churches, narrow streets, alleyways, and climbing stairs, all built on a hillside in the heart of a bay. Set against a backdrop of spectacular views, forest covered mountains tumble down to the clean beaches and unpolluted azure seas.

The other important towns on the Island are GlossaLoutraki and Elios (new Clima). 

There are many fine beaches around the coastline, historic monasteries and wonderful walks in the mountains and forests. Stafilos Beach is the nearest to Skopelos Town and is very popular during peak season but it is set in a wide sweeping bay so there is plenty of room for everybody. Other notable beaches are Valanio, Agnondas, Limnonari, Panormos, Milia, Kastani, Hovolo plus Glyfoneri and Glisteri . On the north-side, closer to Glossa are Hodros Georgos, Ag Iannis and Perivouliou.

Travel to the other islands and the mainland is efficient and fast thanks to the regular daily services of the Ferries and Sea Cats. There are local bus services, taxis, and car, motor bike and bicycle hire are readily available.

Come and join us and discover the secrets of this magical island for yourself!

There are many websites that feature Skopelos and its neighbouring islands Skiathos and Alonissos.  We want to introduce you to our island from a walkers point of view through the pages of our website. We hope that this gentle introduction to our beautiful island gives you a flavour of its many attractions. If you wish us to assist you in  finding suitable accommodation then please do e-mail us for help.