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Some time prior to 2010, the local council obtained funding for:

  • to pave and sign seven trail heads
  • to install umpteen covered picnic areas with seating, a table and a small waste bin
  • a paved ‘platia’ in Djelili
  • the restoration of the Old Klima council office complete with air conditioning unit
  • a roof in the style of the picnic area over the Klima spring

The routes (all linear) were partially covered (some more than others) with rocks and in some places a small entrance wall erected. The trails’ surface were rendered uneven, uncomfortable and wobbly to walk on – most are downright dangerous in fact, of bad workmanship and a total waste of money as they weren’t needed in the first place.

Some walls and kiosks have fallen down and just left in a dilapidated condition, the bins are useless and in such remote areas there would never be a collection possible.

The council office doors have never opened.

The signs are not to EU standards.

The overview maps at the port were situated facing the car park and being under a roof, the area became a motorbike parking spot until recently when it became a seating area. The maps anyway became quickly faded and are now rendered useless.

The latest Terrain map doesn’t give them a mention and the poles will be removed as part of the famous Hiking Project. Pity the same can’t be said about the stones.

Try as I might, I couldn’t find out who sanctioned this white elephant of a project nor what criteria was used for choosing the routes, why the beach like stones were used when there was already a perfectly comfortable trail existing nor why a council building would be restored in, for the most part of the year, an uninhabited village.

  1. Thekla

    The fundings the major council takes are not taken for rendering specific services.
    They are taken to SHOW that work, services are done, and to find ways to”steal” money.
    The fundings are followed and bids are made, so that the major can put his hands on more money, money goes to pockets not services. The major shows that services are done, not for election reasons and to the sources, i e. Europe.
    Accordingly, the bid, the proposal does not have to be realistic, or according to real needs – since this is not the way it goes. It does not start from real needs, then bidding. It starts from searching around for available funds, to get more money in the pockets, (secondly to show that the council gets funds, thus is productive,), and then producing a proposal, that seems ok, and clise to “modern” criteria possibly, to get the fund. The service is not thought of being carried out any way to begin with. This is the council s way. No point in posting my comment. Do not think that it will help or enlighten anybody. I wrote to clear out for you the story, in case they is helpful. Do not post it, if you may. Of course, I do not mind if you will. The only way things are done is if you do it “side ways”, collect the eyes on you, maybe by tourists and money is coming. Then, they will be obliged

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