grape hyacinthSpring comes early to Greece so come anytime between March and the beginning of June if you want to experience the flowers at their best. The temperature is comfortable (which is more than can be said for the sea!) with the possibility of showers. Almond, artichoke, iris, poppy, hyacinth, narcissi and 13 different types of orchid are among the plants in season.

SummerSea dafs.
Peak holiday season when the town and beaches are crowded and the temperatures are high. Hikes switch to the evenings. Origano everywhere. Beside Armenopetra beach you will find a field of Sea Daffodils.

Autumnsternbergia lutea
The hordes have gone and the temperature starts to drop. Variable weather conditions. Sternbergia, crocus, cyclamen and Ladies Tresses orchids appear to brighten up the countryside. Time for chestnuts, walnuts, quince and, if it’s rained enough, blackberries and mushrooms.

ag reginos pirgos


It can be very cold and usually snows!  However, frost in rare. Winter on Skopelos is very much a time for sitting in front of a traditional fire and spending time indoors with friends.