Due to the unprecedented harsh winter of 2016\17, heavy snowfall  brought down many trees and shrubs across most of the trails. We’ve cleared away most of them now… until the next time.

Even during a normal winter trees come down or other obstacles appear.

So let us know if you find any problems and we will respond as soon as we can.

Phone +306945249328

Email skopelostrails1@gmail.com


Harry with the chainsaw

You can also tell us about positive things that you find on your walks, such as interesting flora and fauna or a particularly stunning view.

In Greece, it’s the responsibility of the local councils to ensure paths and accesses are open for walkers. Sadly, this is rarely the case and Skopelos Trails has no official support. We do however have occasional support from taverna owners plus some residents and holiday makers. The main contributors though are the volunteers from http://www.workaway.info. Without them, the trails would all be overgrown and impassable and Rigas Hotel Skopelos, who host them, donating a double room out of season if available.