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I’m playing truant from the most boring conference in the history of conferences even taking into the account its in Chinese and English. I don’t even get the chance to see Beijing as tomorrow I’m off to Tianjin. We came from Yantai which is by the sea and, according to the Chinese is a very small city of just a million people! However it was much cleaner and tidier than normal. Because we’re doing business people keep feeding us banquets with 20 or so dishes, as well as trying to force large quantities of alcohol down us. All part of a business partnership apparently. I of course have been resisting. In Yantai they were overwhelmingly hospitable because the President wished to repay Ann and me for having him to afternoon tea when he visited Auckland.

I’m going to keep blogging even though I have to do it on a chinese site so I keep guessing which button or icon to press. I just hope that when we move from Beijing, some of the technology starts to work.

Cute pictures!


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