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Yesterday I went out to inspect the trail from Anania hill down to Kyperisi then went on Ag Reginos, Pirgos. The Kyperisi track was extremely overgrown. At the entrance was a pile of logs where a family of gungy-eyed cats were living. There must have been 20 odd discarded, empty cat food tins lying around. We gave up before long due to lack of time. Next week.
Beforehand, we’d taken the forest route to the left of Chestnut Tree junction. This was only just passable, with fallen trees everywhere. At Ag Reginos, the track entrance had completely disappeared. Just couldn’t find it. Scrambling down the bank, I could just about find it further down but there were fallen trees everywhere. We gave up.
These track must have been open 15-20 years ago for me to have found them in the first place and they continued to be open when I revisited them over the years. But something has happened over the last 7 or so years for them to have fallen into such a state.
The Ag Reginos route is on the new council’s list of The Ten Routes to be cleared within 100 days of office. Let’s hope it happens.

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