A bit hit or miss

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Mmmmm – well, this BLOG might get to you or it may not. This is the first time I have got as far as actually being able to type something in. The reason for this is that – it is all Greek to me – literally. Everything else on the screen is in Greek apart from what I am typing (and when I first started using this machine, even my tytping was in Greek – which was no good at all since there is no literal translation!!!). So, it is a bit hit or miss whether this will actually get to you.

Yes, the island is magical as always. I wondered whether I would feel like that or not. NZ is beautiful, there is sea, sand, sun, beautiful landscape and so I wondered not only why I was going to Skopelos but whether it would ‘work’ for me. Well I wasn’t here 10minutes before I knew. There is something about the island that just melts myheart. I don’t expect this would happen with anyone else – but it does with me. So, it will be no hardship to be here for a week.

I have been out with both Mimi and with Heather and it is splendid to see both of them. I have plans to see each again and in fact I shall have lunch at Panarmos with Mimi today and dinner with Heather this evening. Tomorrow I have the keys for Mimi’s new house in Glossa and so shall beetle up there in my little red jeep tomorrow and spen the night there. I am so looking forward to it – I want to see the stars in the Northern hemisphere in all their glory. So I am hoping for a cloudless night tomorrow.

I have done all the things I expected to, I have visited Glisteri and swam/snorkelled, had coffee at Stafilos, lunch at Agnondas (although all tavernas are closed so I took my own lunch); I have visited the monasteries, driven the roads I like etc , eaten my fill of good Greek food – all the things I wrote about last time and won’t bore you by repeating.

The island is closing down for the winter, so many places that I would normally frequent have shut up shop already. Partly this is because everyone on the island has made enough money early this year. There was a film crew here for most of the summer – they were filming Mama Mia with Peirce Brosnan and Meryl Streep – and the money they had to spend far outweighted anything a horde of tourists could offer. But I like the island quiet so it suits me fine. It is interesting to be almost the only tourist here. It is also interesting to go out with Mimi now she is a councillor in the local government – everyone wants to speak to her! Very interesting.

OK sweets, I am off to lunch now. Bye for now. Love & hugs. Ann

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