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What a great season it’s been. Volunteers Ursula Ilo from Estonia and Kate Suttle from Uk were the best. We stayed for one month at the Delphi Hotel Elios, courtesy of the Diamanti family and were able to clear and nearly open the heritage trail from Ag. Reginos Pirgos down to Platanakia.  One more day was needed to complete the task and on this day, Alan Boner from the USA was on hand. Local lad Iannis Lakka and Jennie Nelson also donated a day. Thank you all so very much. Thanks also to the taverna owners of Elios for making sure we were sustained.  This calderimi is part of the main Skopelos/Elios/Glossa trail system. It’s in excellent condition. 


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I’ve been trying for 2 months now to get more books. First the printer said to send it again as a PDF which I later found out one can’t edit without a special download. Having established this, I tried to download a month’s free editing tool but…. my old computer was too old for it. So….. I bought a new computer, downloaded the tool, edited the book and sent it all off to the printer 2 weeks ago. They still haven’t printed it but promise delivery the first week of September.  The only shop with a small stock is the International Press Agency. All very frustrating. Many apologies.


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We’ll be starting again on Monday 7 September until around 20 October. Already we have six volunteers: Aleksa from Serbia, Isabel from the Netherlands, Abi from UK, Ursula from Estonia and Michelle and Tessa from Australia; an international team. If you’d like dip in, even for one day, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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The spring trail clearing programme has now closed as the last of the volunteers sadly leaves today. A very big THANK YOU to everybody who became involved, namely Victoria Cooper, Leah Gotchel, Teresa Dumitrascu, Pamela Batters, Jessica Ferguson, Dimitris Moschos, The Skopelos Hotels Union members – Sunrise, Regas House, Dionysos, Denise and Skopelos Village, Kostas Provias of Asterias Panormos, Mary Prokopiou and Nikos Orfanos. We were able to clear a record number of trails and springs and look forward to the autumn when an exciting major project gets under way which will put Skopelos firmly on hiking destination map!


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We’ve been very busy during the last weeks. The track/calderimi from near Prof. Ilias leading down into the Glysteri valley has been cleared and widened, the track from the dump down into the Glysteri valley has been worked on as has the Psimisia gully, Pirgos. We are currently working on the calderimi near Epermacho, Potami leading to Skopelos stavrodromo.