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Due to the construction of this structure, the direct way through from Panormos to Moutero church is now blocked. However, you can still turn left immediately after the modern bungalow,(just before the locked reservior gates) walk through the fruit orchard, bear right and go up the hill into the forest, continue straight ahead then turn right onto the dirt road and then through Moutero hamlet. It is also possible to make a circular hike from Panormos, which takes about 2 hours. After emerging out of the forest, continue on and then turn left by the new house (which looks completely out of place in this beautiful hamlet) and go up the hill. Take the first left turn, which heads down-hill. Go through a set of gates, past the goat station, another set of gates and continue on, back down to Panormos.


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Many of these little chaps were found on walls all along the Old Stafilos Road. I wonder if they were put there by students who were on the island carrying out a study on our lizard population. Who knows!



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Yesterday I did my best to clear the calderimi from the top of Anania hill down to the asphalt road, Pirgos. It was jungle and I got extremely scratched. However, it is now at least passable.

This morning I visited the town hall to ask for help. I can see that if this route doesn’t get some heavy, serious clearing, it will go the same way as the route from Ag Reginos church, Pirgos down the Elios. Baby Pefkia trees get seeded and start growing between the stones and then they can’t be removed easily as the roots take hold. The route then closes totally.  I spoke to a new guy, Iannis Anastasiou, and he agreed to help. I can’t believe this is actually going to happen. When I spoke to the Mayor earlier this month, he said that nothing would be happening regarding path clearing. I told him that I’d thought about getting volunteers via the Workaway website. I don’t mind who helps – I’m not fussy! Watch this space.

Djilili valley

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Hi Folks

My friend Pam Batters came all the way from Australia to help me clear paths! We spent a couple of days working and now the route from the Djilili spring to the Glysteri road is now open. It was a jungle. Matters weren’t helped because the workers who had made the ‘new’ path had blocked the valley route entrance. Also worth mentioning is the fact that Spiro Kosma has opened his fences. He now has self-closing gates using old batteries as weights. This is to keep the free Fallow Deer in their enclosure. He changes their enclosure only during period end of April/beginning of May when they shead their antlers, which he then collects. med fallow deer Little Bittern xobrychus minutusShould you be walking the dog, please keep on a lead when entering the enclosure.

Down at the spring, we had the privilege of observing a Bittern. It was just sitting on the spring..

We also cleared a small portion of track in Potami. It’s the bit that cuts off the corner of Diakopi.