The New 10b Hike

At last this route is open. It’s 9km and took us 3 hours to walk. It’s not in the Skopelos Trails book but can be downloaded via the Map App.

It’s taken over three months to complete and there is still a bit of work to do. Please note that just beyond the Prof. Ilias water tank there are some dogs, one of which is free. A bit of asphalt to walk once you get to the heliport area/Petraki cross roads but some lovely views over to Evia. It’s then down into the coolness of the forest and over our bridge. Going down Kimissia there’s an illegal fence across the trail but you can open it.

I’d like to thank all the volunteers who have worked on this route; David, Jenna, Nikos, Che, Hannah, Alexa, Dee, Jackie, Clive, Amy, Pamela and our chainsaw extraordinaire Manolis Palaiologos.

Walk 9 Petrovrissi

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Yesterday I took some friends on this 3 hour walk. Everything was fine until the pile of sand, section 43. Beyond, until we reached the spring, it was absolute jungle and should not be attempted unless you’re wearing long trousers and don’t mind ducking and diving. I’ve cut a way through but it needs a lot of work to reopen the trail properly. I have so many other trails on the list but will get round to this one in due course.

Walk 9

2005. The good old days

Walk 23 Old Clima to Ag Iannis – 4.76 km

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The first section is an overgrown calderimi (portion 80) so today we spent several hours clipping back the myrtle which revealed portions of a beautiful, wide calderimi. It will take several days to complete and I can’t get back there for several days due to other commitments. I also added a couple of bootprint logo signs in both directions (from the bus stop and from the village) in case there is any doubt as to where to go. I also added a painted sign to the turn-off by the orchard. Thank you very much to Tyrone from South Africa, for donating a second day during your holiday. You did a great job!

Walk 7 – Tzelali

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I’ve already reported in a previous post that following the flood of 2015, this route is blocked. Well, nothing has changed and it still is. However, some intrepid Danish friends manage to get there and back with these images to confirm that it is not a good idea to try this route. Until the local council take action it will unfortunately remain so, as earth moving equipment will be required.

Walk 8 section beyond section 37 Ag Marina

A tree had fallen down across the trail here so WA volunteer Annabelle, part-time resident Jane and regular tourist Flemming and I spent half a day clearing it away as well as tidying up this section and widening where possible.

We also took a look at the spring (pic.35) and the now stream bed of the Spring Route. During the floods, a massive amount of water came down the mountain and made its way through here, creating a deep ravine. The path has been totally destroyed although it’s still possible to walk along from Mili Hamlet to the spring (just about).


Mon. Sotiros

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Yesterday, Workaway volunteer Anabelle and friend Lisa Manly worked about 4 hours clearing the portion of trail 57 walk 13. It was hard labour and I had to refill the chainsaw 3 times. So this portion IS NOW OPEN.

I wish I could say the same for the portion beyond Sotiros. There are very many trees down across the path here, including the ravine where the ancient aquaduct is located. It’s no longer visible so it can’t be confirmed whether it’s survived or not.

Latest News

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Walk 6 return route no.2.

This is still work in progress. You can’t get much further beyond the spring (we’ve got as far as co-ordinates 39.13731, 23.714224) but getting as far as we’ve cleared is quite a pleasant walk in itself but you’ll have to return back the same way as it’s still blocked at the tip.


Walk 8 pic.35

The spring route is blocked after the spring.


Walk 18 pic. 61

This where we’re working at the moment. There’s a tree down as the trail meanders it’s way up the Anania Hill towards Ag Nikolaus.

Welcome to new volunteer Annabelle Demy from France. I’ll be posting images soon.


A Perfect Day

After a couple of gloomy, overcast, drizzly days, we were able to get out for Clare and Sylvan’s final working day. We chose The Retsina Trail which just needed a bit of a trim. The air was fresh and the views 3D. We’ve inspected nearly all of The Restina Trail and it looks in great shape with no blockages.

Thanks so much to Clare and Sylvan for all the hard work, company and good times. What more could one ask?

Giving a trim