Walk 23 Old Clima to Ag Iannis – 4.76 km

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The first section is an overgrown calderimi (portion 80) so today we spent several hours clipping back the myrtle which revealed portions of a beautiful, wide calderimi. It will take several days to complete and I can’t get back there for several days due to other commitments. I also added a couple of bootprint logo signs in both directions (from the bus stop and from the village) in case there is any doubt as to where to go. I also added a painted sign to the turn-off by the orchard. Thank you very much to Tyrone from South Africa, for donating a second day during your holiday. You did a great job!

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    • Heather Parsons

      Hi. Yes it is. However, on the first bit, calderimi up from the main road, we made a start to widen it but the weather got so hot, we had to stop before completing. There is also a fallen tree we didn’t reach but it is passable. It’s a bit of a scramble up to the dirt road but all plain sailing after that. Be prepared for a lot of people at the church. After the peacefulness of the hike, it can be quite a shock!

  1. Jamys

    Did the walk today. Probably took some wrong turns and added an hour on, but some great views. Managed to hitch-hike out too.

  2. Heather Parsons

    Oh dear. Thought I’d put up enough markers. Thanks for feedback.

  3. Jamys

    Not your fault at all. We had not been able to get a map or guide book. So were really following our nose. The painted 23 on the rock was reassuring. At some point my nose chose to follow a track that distinctly disappeared. We winged it a while until we rejoined a wider track and later saw a couple of markers. If you could get a map and guide into a shop in Neo Klima and other small settlements that may help some others. Definitely not your fault! Great to know what you are doing. ☺

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