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For the last three days, workers paid by SCAN, have been doing their best to clear the track from Djilili spring, down the valley to Glysteri. Whilst it could be better, I can say that it is now passable. Being so lush, it was like a jungle and included fallen trees and a dead sheep! If the path access is still blocked by an illegal fence just down from image 30, continue on the asphalt road for about ten minutes and look for a yellow marker on a tree. This track leads down to the old stone building, image 24. Just further along the lane is the spring. About 5 minutes along the valley floor is a good area for orchids and at the time of writing, Heldreichii subspecies are out. At a point about 5 minutes into the track from the spring side, branches have been put across the path. I have been told this is to keep sheep from roaming, so please don’t dismantle it. If this is truely the case, a stile will be erected at some point. ENJOY!

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