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Dear Daisy, would you mind very much if I brought home this lovely boy dog called Lucky? He is very well trained and apart from a small matter of chasing sheep – which we won’t concern ourselves with just at this moment – I think he would be an ideal addition to our household. He is black with a bit of white, he is very obedient, affectionate and very very intelligent, picking up everything you say and I think he would fit in very well. At the moment he lives in the house of Lucy and Fossie with Harry, a West Highland Terrier , and Bernard, a beautiful golden Labrador puppy (about 18 weeks old I think) as well as five cats, with whom he gets on very well. So, when you discuss this with Sissy you can let her know that he is cat trained to purrfection (in fact he could assist you in tipping the scales in your relations with Sissy – you know what I mean?).

There would be no conflict of interest with you because where you like a gentle stroll Lucky loves a big bouncing run – he could run behind the car round and round Ngataringa, no? Again, where you don’t care for wet grass Lucky loves nothing more than to run through bush and nettles and the stickier the better for him to bring home presents for his carers. He is very like you in that he too likes to lie just where causes most problem for passing humans. He wouldn’t even compete for your food since he has dried food and any forage that the cats bring in (apart from gallbladders, which he does not care for).

Finally, he is in a bit of trouble just now because he was found playing with – well scaring to death – some neighboring farmers sheep (you’d think those sheep would know better and keep out of his way!. So he may have to wear an electric collar – and if that does not work then he may be shot. I, personally, think we should apply for deportation – like they used to do to criminals – and send him to new Zealand. They like hard luck cases there – although they are not to keen on introduced species and so Lucky may have to disguise himself as a Kiwi for the first few months till the local animals get used to him – and I think he would fit right into our household and to NZ in general. What do you think? Will you discuss it with Sissy and get back to me. Time is of the essence – the electric collar beckons. Love. Your human, Ann.

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  1. Coralie

    Hi dear Ann,
    Well, I don’t know if Rob has yet discussed the subject of Lucky with Daisy but I can’t see her wanting to share you with another dog.
    Lucky sounds really nice and lots of fun.
    We have a wettish day here but will be taking Daisy to Yoga this afternoon while Kyle plays with his cousins at the school.
    Take care my dear and hear from you soon.
    Love Coralie

  2. julia NZ

    Hi Ann
    Hmmm! I have to agree with Coralie as to Daisy’s probable reaction to Lucky, even disguised as a kiwi!
    Yes, the weather’s typical Auckland spring: gorgeous almost hot mornings, then thundery rain in the afternoons and sometimes the nights.
    I saw Elisabeth today; she sends her love. She tried to get on the blog but had the same problem as me (to do with the password) and gave up in the end. You may receive an email from her..!
    No other news to report.
    Lots of love
    Julia xx

  3. Sue

    Dear Ann,
    Daisy is sitting here beside me and I’ve just read her your blogg regarding Lucky. Needless to say she is looking decidedly cross and me thinks she DOES NOT think it a good idea!!! Even with the added temptation of being able to tip the scales in regard to Sissy. So, sorry Lucky you are just going to have to mend your sheep chasing ways.
    Well, you have had a very busy time and sounds like you’ve done extremely well in sorting out and letting go of the posessions of a lifetime. Not an easy task, as well I know being the world’s greatest hoarder, but now you can relax and just have fun. Lots of tea and chats catching up with all your friends, and lovely drives through the beautiful English countryside. Oh how I’d love to be there. And there’s still the trip to Skopelos to come, yippee.
    Meanwhile, back here in N.Z. we have a lovely sunny day, quite a treat after yesterday afternoons thunder and lightning storm, but who knows what may happen later. Maybe it will snow!!!
    I do hope you enjoy your Scottish sojourn and look forward to hearing all about it in your next blogg.
    Lots of love,

  4. Heather Parsons

    I think Daisy would love a companion; she certainly got on well with Yorgi. They even shared their spaghetti – starting from op. ends! You have just missed Pierce Brosnam; he left yesterday after spending two months here, together with about 200 film crew!
    See you soon.
    h xx

  5. Ann

    Oh dear, 3 to 1 against the importation of Lucky, and no word yet from Daisy. I guess that means Lucky is not so Lucky then. I’ll keep you up to date on the electrification of Lucky ….
    Love to all voters. Ann

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