EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA – Hostilities are called off in the matter of Daisy vs unLucky

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I surrender, absolutely and abjectly!! Please do no harm to my friends – they were only trying to counsel me. I will pay any reparation you decide on my return and promise not even to look at another dog (especially in the last week of the season on Skopelos – honest).

Lucky has been informed of the failure of the venture to rescue her again and is quite philosophical about it. She is a bit like me and speeding I think. She has a, mistaken, belief that she will never actually be caught with a sheep between her jaws – and is looking forward to testing that theory. So, I am sure she will be fine (ish).

You can now turn your finely tuned nose up at the flighty Betty and the bad hair Amber and reassure your pal Bentley that no incomers will be taking his place in the sniffing line. So, please, lets call off Woofing, Barking and Snarl and I’ll promise no more hard Luck(y) stories – OK?

Your repentant Madam.

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