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Hello everyone. I do hope all is well with all of you and yours. I am in London now after a rather difficult week in Skopelos. It was entirely my own fault, I did it to myself and have no one to blame but myself. I have always hoped that when I go in the last week of the season that I will not meet a vulnerable animal(s). Well this year was one of those years when there were a family of kittens and mother around and I just got very stressed about them and how they would survive the winter. Although I tried, and my friends tried in various ways to ensure their survival it looked not only that we would not succeeed, but that I was also in danger of losing my good friends over this feline family.

But, when the going gets tough you do really find out who your friends are and I ended the week not only with all my friendships intact and the kittens futures ensured but two of my friends who had not been close for some time seem to have resolved some difficulties to the extent that I wish for them what they give to me.

And Skopelos is still beautiful.

Now I am in London having stayed (and shopped) with Candice – thank you Geoff for taking me to the hotel and I am sorry not to have been able to say goodbye to you. I have had dinner with Maggie and Steve and am trying to track down Jan so I can have a final lunch with her. But tonight I go to what has bveen called the very best production of Macbeth – with Patrick Stewart (Star Treck) and am looking forward to that. Meantime I am off to do a bit of my own trecking – around London.

It has been a great trip and wonderful to have seen everyone here and I am so looking forward to seeing everyone on my return. Someone asked me the other day ‘Which do you prefer NZ or England’ and I had to say that I loved them both and would be very happy to stay in either. I love things about each area (and Skopelos) – scenery, animals, nature, culture, – and I have good friends in each (so I always miss someone!). But I do feel I am truly blessed to know all of you and know you are all ‘on my side’.

So, I am off to do, hopefully, the last bit of serious shopping!!! Have fun my dears. Love – lots of it – to all. Ann

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  1. Heather Parsons

    Thanks for your lovely ecard and don’t worry about things here.
    It was a lovely evening at Nastas and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
    Cleared a long stretch of path on Sunday. A council worker arrived with an industrial sized strimmer which was every effective. He couldn’t stay long but made a big difference. Hopefully this will be a regular thing.
    You left just in time; the temperature has plumitted.
    Hugs to you all. luv h xx

  2. Ann

    Hi there,

    Yes, Heather I had a really great time at Nastas – but I drank too much and so I think it was probably my own fault that I was sea sick the next day on the crossing (however, others were ill too so it was a rough crossing)!

    Good news about the clearing, and it will be great if he can come each time with you and the others; it will make it so much easier.

    Hi Sue, Macbeth was fab – the special effects were a bit scary (especially the ghost of Banquo and the severed head of Macbeth) but the acting was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to understand what the play is about – Macbeth and Lady M were brilliantly acted.

    Good to hear that Lucy is picking up – poor mite, she has had it bad for a while and so you must be feeling better too about everything I suspect. Say hi to Pam for me and I shall see you soon.
    Love to all. Ann

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