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 Had a super hike to the sumit of Palouki this morning. Wanted to see what work the council had done. Well, with a bob-cat, they have made a path all the way from the water tank/goat station on the dirt road to Ag Anna/Taxiarcon to the sumit. In some places you will need clamp-ons. The bob-cat has dislodged bolders that could have been used as foot-holds and straightened out meadering portions  so it’s a very strenuous slog to the top in places but at least, easy to find. I hope they are going to do something with the surface as with the first rain, the whole track will be washed out.  We returned via the second trig and then took a very goaty track down to the lower mast road., at the end of which, I had parked the car. The whole hike, including sandwich stop, took just about four hours.

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