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In spite of the roasting weather, I had two private evening hikes last week and I have another one on Friday; we’ll take the six o’clock bus to Panormos and walk back to Skopelos. Have come to terms with the fact now that the days of groups of 15-30 walkers is over. My book continues to sell well however and I will continue to be a thorn in the council’s side until all the paths are regularly cleaned and clearly marked.
Please note that I will be absent from the island from 1 July until 30 August – walking in the UK!

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  1. Rob

    The local council sound as though they are good on making the right sounds but not on following through with their decisions. What a great pity Heather after all of the hard work you have put in over all of those years.

    However, I hope you have a wonderful 2 months away and have lots of splendid times and stories to tell when you return.
    Much Love

  2. eileen williams

    Hi Hev,

    I had no idea Hev you had been involved in such a drawn out saga with the local Council about the upkeep of the trails on Skopelos which you have undertaken to clear personally over so many years. How shortsighted of them, as I’m sure they would like the island to remain a mecca for tourists who enjoy the walks. Hope you will find some action has taken place upon your return.

    It is great that your book continues to sell well. Onya Hev!
    Love Eileen.

    PS I’m really enjoying this blogging thing and all the links to other sites referred to as well.

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