The Carolina Beach Shag Party

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Well that got your attention! The main social event of the conference was The North Carolina Shag Party. Tuesday evening 6.30-9.30. Eveyone invited to come and enjoy themselves. The conference organisers did advise those with a Western European background (which included NZ and OZ apparently) and those from outside North Carolina that they might misinterpret the title. So we were all keen to turn up.

It didn’t involve sex or seabirds, but featured North Carolina’s ‘top Shag Band’. A few of you might just remember the dance ‘The Shag’ circa 1975. It’s still the rage in North Carolina. The high point of the evening was when the singer shouted ‘This a real shaggy song, so all you shaggers get down here’. At which someone nearby, from Ralegh in North Carolina, turned round and said ‘I love this. My husband taught me to shag’. Why do I feel when I’m writing about North Carolina that I need to say ‘It’s the truth, honestly’.

The conference was very good. two things I learned:
– everyone at School or University will have a laptop soon, or no one will have a laptop (they will be replaced by bulbous things that combine cellphones, laptops and PDAs – and you can now buy them in Beijing)
– Be very scared of seven year old people, particularly if you work in a University. By the time they get to School they are demanding video editing suites. The current teenagers are beginners!

Just a short blog tonight as I have to go off and pack. Tomorrow: Greensboro to Wasington to London.

Oh and the Cosmetology University in the last posting is a University for hairdressing and nail polishing. Only in America!

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