The Itinerary

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Set off Sunday 1 July across Greece to Parga (224 miles) on the west coast where I’ll be staying a few days with Eva, who used to work on Skopelos. Also working in Parga is Louise who worked on Skopelos for many years.
Then will probably leave the car on the mainland and travel over to Corfu, where I’ll be staying with Gilly for about 3 days. Will also be visiting Tina, my exlodger from years ago.
Back to the mainland and ferry to Venice, then on to Coburg (815 miles) where I’ll be meeting up with Dad, who is playing in a international Samba Band festival. After a short break in Coburg, Dad will be flying back to UK and I’ll be driving (511 miles!). Trying to find a passenger to share the petrol costs.
Will be driving back to Greece before the insurance runs out on 30th August.

  1. Jo and Rob

    Hi Heather,

    just wanted to wish you a safe and happy trip, it all sounds fab!

    We’ll be on Skopelos for the last 2 weeks of September, so hope we can catch up then to hear all about it.

    lots of love
    Jo and Rob

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