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The portion of track from Moutero church to the spring and the portion beyond Moutero down into the Panormos valley, are now OPEN! There is only one portion remaining and that is at the start; Kambos valley up to Rachis. Only problem is, there’s an illegal fence blocking the way. SCAN representatives have an apointment with a solicitor next week, who will be sending a letter to the owner, inviting him to take it down!
International path discs will be ordered shortly (a yellow arrow with a footprint in the center) and installed along the route. It will only remain to GPS the entire trail and incorporate onto the map, which will be available at the SCAN kiosk throughout the season.

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  1. Tom A

    Hello Heather,

    Just happened to look at your site after a long time and I must say I am pleasantly surprised with all the activity!

    Last time we talked you sounded very discouraged about the paths and the lack of progress. I thought you were giving up. I suppose that’s what passion does.

    I know the many years and efforts you have given for the Skopelos environment and only to see things go in reverse it would have been easy to loose hope. I know you don’t consider this much progress but hang in there, more and more people are beginning to hear and see the beauty in what you saw long ago.

    I probably told you last September at the social function where I met the mayor, I brought up the paths. Also discussed it with my aunt who has the Panormos Palace to and she talked to the mayor as well. I will continue to bring it up to the locals until I can get there to help out with the physical work. Hang in there a little longer we are beginning to follow your lead.

    Thank you for all you tireless efforts and a joyful New Year

    your friend

    Tom Amygdalitsis

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Tom
    Thanks very much indeed for your encouraging words; your comments made a difference, especially as a local person accused me recently of doing this for profit. His accusations made no sense at all, no logic. I turned things over in mind for months, trying to see how he had come to this conclusion. Ssdly, I could have a hundred kind words but it takes only one cruel comment to knock me off my perch! However, I’ll be back, saw and clippers in hand, next Sunday, having spent a joyful time in UK over the Christmas period.
    Happy New Year.

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