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Today we drove towards Glossa but on the way, encounted a group of walkers, who turned out to be with The Ramblers, totally lost. They had also mislaid their leader! After about an hour, and selling a copy of my book, group and leader were reunited with instructions on how to get to Stafilos.

Loaded up with cutting tools, Richard and I made our way along the track, pic.100, hoping to reopen the way to the lighthouse. We needn’t have bothered. A bulldozer has opened a two-way traffic width road where the path used to be. It has totally destroyed this walk. I couldn’t recognise anything. And where does this highway lead to? Nowhere. It stops abruptly in a field. I can’t tell you how I feel about this destruction.
However, we then drove back to Old Clima and did a bit more to the old path above the village, that links up with the road to Ag Iannis. A lot of work still to do there.

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