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Carried out my first walk with a couple from Germany on Saturday. He had some expensive photographic kit with him so I asked him to get some shots of the bee-eaters that were flying around overhead. I took them on the Petrovrissi hike and was shocked to see how overgrown the track has become beyond the pile of sand at the end of the dirt road. There was also the remains of a dead goat there!
On Sunday I took a very long investigative hike on Palouki hill. I found the old way through to Palouki (via the goat station and The Cross). All very overgrown and I’m glad I took it out of this edition of the book. If it.were cleared, one could walk practically all the way there by track. I was also trying to find a way through to Mili from the end of the Lower Mast Road. After 3 attempts, gave up… this time. What I did find (after a tip off) however was a couple of Violet Bird’s Nest Orchids, in the strangest place, just beside the road.
Yesterday was the first Coast to Coast hike. I had 5 people and it was a great day out, ending at Asterias, Panormos with mixed mezzie plates. On the way we saw amongst other things, a variety of orchids, include the white bee orchid, Heart-Flowered Serapias and Tongue plus a leopard snake.  One point to note, page 57 image 110. Don’t follow the good path off to the right and up (after you enter the olive grove). Keep left, almost paralel with the gully (down on your left). The next time I do this hike, I’ll put up another sign.

purple bird’s nest orchid

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