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  1. Heather Parsons

    Dear Lord, what in the world are they doing to those once beautiful monopaties?? Looking a that picture makes me cry. People of Skopelos. You are destroying the most precious thing you have – the beauty of your island! Please stop building all those roads and save the countryside.
    Irene Ullrich, a most dedicated Skopelos hker, who has been to the island three times and is on her way to visit again shortly.

  2. Heather Parsons

    message via author.
    Sorry to hear about more destruction of the trails on Skopelos! Not that I have walked more than one or two but my heart is there with you and your anxiety! One point that I will make: Skopelos prides itself in having I think 3 conservation zones within the town boundary that limits development etc to avoid spoiling the existing town. When will the Planners walk up to what despoilation is going on in the countryside and put a stop to that? This needs to be put to them very strongly.
    David Shaw. UK

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