2018 RECAP

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What a fantastic year it’s been. Starting on 13 March with Sam and Monique from Canada, we had a total of 19 Workaway volunteers and 9 tourist volunteers who donated days of their holiday. 

Trails cleared: Potami to Diakopi, Kokala, Tzukala (Monks trail), Tzelali, Kimissia, Retsina trail (Pirgos area), Panormos and Moutero, Vromeneri/Potami and behind Episkopi. Emmanuel also removed one huge tree at Kimissia, another at Pirgos plus two enormous ones at Ag Iannis Skleri. He’s my chainsaw hero; brave and tenacious. 

Here are the names of all the volunteers for 2018:

Sam and Monique (Canada), David (Spain), Jenna (US), Liesa (Germany) Steve (UK), Eleni (US), Nikos (Canada), Che (Scotland), Hannah (Wales), Alexa (US), Jennie (Germany), Leigh (Australia), Gloria (Majorca), Rory (Ireland), Allie (Canada), Polly and Austin (Australia) and Audrey (Singapore). 

Tourists: Jackie and Dee, Anita, Felix, Bankje, Pamela, Dan, Clive and Amy plus locals Dimitri Palaeologos and Emmanuel Palaeologos. 

A huge thanks to them all. 

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  1. Teresa Woodgate

    Hello Heather

    This morning I had my NHS “Health check” in the Hildenborough chemist. It was done by the lovely chap who revealed that he is half Greek and he mentioned you because I told him I am a regular and energetic mountain walker with such companies as Exodus and HF (bit ploddy!). I’ve just taken a quick look at your website and would love to know more about the work you do and possibly get involved, or holidays. But, I am 70 (although the chemist thought I was late 50’s/early 60’s). I gym/power walk every single day of my life, deal with my big garden, do my own decorating, basically always on the move and filling every minute of the day. I also volunteer 3-7 afternoons a week in a local Hospice in the Weald Furniture shop, constantly shifting stuff around. I think he said you are in Greece at the moment, clearing trails. I’m off to work now and will take a deeper look at your website this evening. Regards. Teresa

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