42 Mozeley Calling

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You will have noticed that Ann seems to have disappeared from your virtual world. Fortunately, a pigeon just arrived and I’ve been asked to report (once I got it out of Sissy’s mouth) that Ann is well. Indeed very well. Somehow in three days in Yorkshire she has disposed of a container of our belongings, and seen solicitors, tenants, friends, charities, estate agents, Burton Agnes Hall, the disppearing Yorkshire coastline etc. She has been out of contact because North Yorkshire – where she is staying with Maureen, David, sheep, geese, pigs, chooks, rabbits and Polly (a dog) – is rather too near the North Pole for Yahoo and Blackberries to cope. However, she is now heading South to Sarah’s, Candice’s and then onto Lucy and Forest for the weekend, so no doubt you will soon get the full story.

Meanwhile, back at 42 Mozeley, the dog would like her chauffeur back, the cat her pillow, the worms their haute cuisine, and Rob just Ann. Further insights into the remarkable changes at No. 42 will appear over the weekend. Meanwhile we can all look forward to Ann’s next blog.

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