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Hi Ann,
Great to read all your latest happenings. It is quite a mission. I am all ready to leave in the morning and very excited/nervous about the trip but really looking forward to meeting up with Amanda.
We have seen a little bit of Rob and I am sure the boys will get together while I am away.
The bathroom has been a litle delayed but hoping it will be finished by the time we get back.
We will catch up again when I get back 30th Sept.
lots of love from Mary

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  1. julia NZ

    Hi at last Ann. I have struggled to work out how to do this (why would you be surprised?!),and tried to post a comment last night – but to no avail. Anyway, it has been good to read (and hear via Alex from Rob)that all is going so well. Bravo on so speedily sorting things out up at the Yorkshire house. I can well imagine that it’s an emotional business, but with a positive outcome.

    All well here. Garden looking very pretty in its spring colour; nice and warm too.

    We may catch up with Rob at the wkend. Let’s see if this works now!

    Lots of love from us both
    Julia xx

  2. julia NZ

    Hi Ann

    This is just an experiment to see if it gets through; I’ve been having awful trouble…!!!

    So lots of love from us both.

    Julia xx

  3. Ann

    Dear Julia – very well done; persistence does pay off!! Yes, it is emotional but I can deal with that – tough old boot that I am!

    Dear Mary – I hope you are having an absolutely fabulous time with Amanda. I was sorry not to be able to get back to you before you left, but I was in a Blackberry black hole and could not communicate. No doubt the boys will look after each other and have a fine time. Hope to catch up with you when you return and I can hear all about your trip and your adventures!

    Love, XXX and Hugs to all of you. Ann

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