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The next morning, I thought I wouldn’t mind visiting a silk mill in Whitchurch. However, after driving for some time, the signs disappeared and seeing a sign for Newbury, decided to visit my friend, ex Laskarina rep. Nicky McIsaac instead. Much better idea! It was a very pleasant drive from Andover to Newbury. In the evening we took Yorgi (and ourselves) out for a walk on Greenham Common. Nicky told me stories of the old days when it had been a military base and about the anti-missile action group of women who had lived there. Having only one bedroom, I was obliged to sleep on Nicky’s living room floor, using my self-inflating mattress again, purchased in Coburg. We decided that positioning it behind the couch would be best so I wouldn’t be so disturbed by her shift-working partner when he make his cuppa at 5am ish. He was somewhat miffed at the note that read ‘Don’t disturb Heather. She’s behind the couch!’
The following day I invested in a UK road atlas. In spite of this, I still managed to get lost, trying to find my way to Fleet to visit another friend. (to be fair, she had given me directions from the M3!) I ended up coming off the M4, junction 3! Having had enough of the motorway and it’s traffic, I decided to following the little aeroplane for Gatwick and headed back to dad’s.

Last night I took the train up to London to meet some guys who I’ve been writing to for several years as they had gone to the same school as me – Haymill in Burnham. For them it was a reunion as one of them now lives in the States but works in Saudi and was passing through. I had never met them before, not even at school – well, not that I remember! Still, talking Burnhameeze, we had a very enjoyable evening at The Mitre in Paddington. I didn’t get lost once!!

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