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Hi guys! Hope you’re all fine. Here in UK the weather is just perfect and I’m having a really, lovely time.
Last weekend I drove to Reigate to meet up with my friend Darren. He’s got a house on Skopelos but tends to rent it rather than stay in it. The pub where we met sold excellent beer but didn’t sell food, so after D had set off back up to Leeds, I walked into town and got an M&S sandwich which I took back to the pub to eat. Didn’t know Yorgi liked salmon and cucumber!
During the week I drove to Camberley (got lost), to meet up with my oldest (time-wise!) friend, Jackie (we met when we both worked for British Airways or BEA as it was then). Together with hubby, Rob, we drove together up to Wimbledon to attend the Springfield Road Windsor flatmate and friends reunion. This reunion used to take place annually until I, then Liz and Alf moved, coincidentally, to Greece (they live in Tolo). The venue was in Anne and Geoff’s newly aquired, three story, Victorian house. The evening passed all too quickly.
Yesterday, together with Dad, we drove down to Hastings. This time to spent the day with Mel. Mel used to live in the famous Railton Road in Brixton and was a black cab taxi driver. He now spends a lot of his time playing chess. Apart from the time he was obliged to cat sit. The animal escaped and he found himself wondering the streets one evening, calling its name – Pussy!

  1. eileen williams

    Hi Hev, What a joy to log onto your blog again and see what you have been up to especially since I have only seemed to be using my computer to email stuff to do with body corporate problems and matters concerning my unit at Bondi! So there was your Eurotrip on my list of favourites and after I had finished with all my boring but necessary unit business, I opened your blog to see your sunny suburnt face peering out from under a cap at the beach somewhere. And then with friends sitting around a timber table, all nicely primed from some reds it looked and having such a gorgeous time. Onya Hev! mate. And you are sure getting around the old dart aren’t you – great that you have friends in all different locations to go visit. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling as you are approaching, knowing that you are going to meet up with a loved friend whom you haven’t seen for a while and catching up on gossip and friendship – its delicious isn’t it.

    We’ve got the cold icy winds here again and the cats keep trying to scramble through any gap in the door when you go out into the yard. Geez, writing about cats has just reminded me – I haven’t fed them yet, poor things, and it’s dark – oh gawd George will have the hump and has probably gone walkabout now, but Maxine will be waiting patiently.

    So lovely to see your photos Hev and read your entries. Have fun my friend.
    Lots of love,

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