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Hi guys! Here’s a lovely photo taken of the walking group I belong to. One of the ladies has a holiday home in Ramsgate and she invited us there. So last Monday we drove down and had a lovely, coastly walk from Ramsgate to Broadstairs. It was the festival week, so the place was busy with street entertainers, a fair and various stalls. After a mooch round and a quick drink, we headed back to Ramsgate where Margaret set out a lovely lunch for us. All too soon the day was over and even though I had a navigator, we somehow managed to get slightly lost – driving through Maidstone at 5pm! Could have been worse!

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  1. eileen williams

    Hi Hev,

    Lovely to see more photos of your UK adventures! I enjoyed learning about the walking group you are a member of in UK. Is this a group that you link up with only when you are back in UK, or does it have some connection to your Skopelos Walks..? It sounded like a lovely walk – the coastal walk from Broadstairs to Margate. I couldn’t believe how mediterranen Broadstairs looked – the aqua coloured water and white buildings on the cliff top – I’ve never been there, though I was invited there last time I was over by the parents of an old school friend who live there, but somehow I never made it. The ladies in the photo look like a nice bunch. Do they all regularly walk together and how many km would your coastal walk have been? (Just remembered I can look it up in my UK road Atlas that I bought last time when I was in UK. I often pour over it looking at all little obscure names and places I’ve never been too – sigh…) You have packed so much into your visit Hev. What a terrific trip. Good luck with the journey back to Greece. Take care my friend.
    Love, Eileen (still raining on Central Coast, NSW, Australia!!)

  2. eileen williams

    Oops..! I got ‘Ramsgate’ & ‘Margaret’ confused and came up with “Margate” as where I thought you’d all walked too! Silly me.

    Eileen, Drongo from Downunder

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