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The spring clearing has finished as we enter summer season and the heat it brings. Manual work is impossible in these temperatures. Volunteer Mel from Canada has moved on to Turkey, Madeline is walking The Camino in Spain and sisters Lauren and a Jordan have returned to the States.

During their stay we cleared a forest trail from the Plane tree Michalakis to the old water source, Kimissia trail, Vouno Glossa towards Ag Iannis, Ag Reginos Pirgos to Platanakia and Moutero to the spring and Panormos valley. A petrol strimmer was purchased thanks to a generous donation, which made work so much easier. Sadly the battery strimmer just isn’t strong enough . One tries to be eco friendly but the battery machine can’t compete with petrol.

Thank you girls for all your hard work. It was a pleasure to host you.

Work starts again in September.

BEFORE & AFTER on the Retsina Trail below Ag. Reginos


Where did the time go?

So here we are in April and what have we been up to? Due to travel restrictions, we haven’t been able to host volunteers this year until now, with the arrival of Joe who is from the Lebanon, lives in the US and studying environmental studies in Germany! He is strong and makes light of lifting and cutting. So far we have tidied up the Sendoukia Adventure trail and around the Mikalakis Water Mill, the short path behind Episkopi and the old main route out of town – Aloupi to Kangelia/Raches. This trail has really been abused over the years; dug up by OTE and not put back so cement was dumped here and there, dug up by the water company and a pipe unprofessionally installed leaving a huge gully and holes everywhere plus the inevitable bulldozer damage resulting in mounds of soil to be sermounted. Very heavy work with lots of brambles and full sun. It does have lovely views of the Stafilos valley though.