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Welcome to our first Autumn volunteers, Debbi and Jay from Cleveland, Ohio, USA, So far we’ve cleared the Asteriathes spring on the Old Road to Stafilos and made a start on the calderimi from Palio Clima up towards Ag Iannis. This was started last spring and is a big job. We have already removed a large fallen tree from the track, thanks to Jay’s chain saw skills and a joint log rolling effort to get it over the side.

Guided Hike from Palio Clima to Ag Iannis

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The second hike of the season will take place on Sunday 10th September. Meet at the taxi rank at 9am. The bus timetable changed so we have to get ourselves to Clima by taxi. Four sharing will work out at 7 euros each, so not so bad. Hike over to Ag Iannis, back the same way, through the village then down to KataKalou/Loutraki and bus back to Skopelos.

Trail Clearing – Autumn 2017

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The Trail Clearing season is nearly here and thoughts turn to volunteers, accommodation, equipment and where to start first! There’s no shortage of volunteers and our first arrivals will be Debbi and Jay from the USA, arriving 8 September, followed by Christian and Fabio from Italy then Emma from the UK. We also have several tourists who’ve booked themselves in for a day of work! Thank you all so much!by Erik