To Drink or Not to Drink, That is the Question!

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With some 60 springs documented in my Walking Guide Book, most named after the land owner or area and many made visible by an attractive white painted stone arch, one can’t help wondering if the water is safe to drink. One regular summer visitor has actually been taking samples and testing the water. Her results conclude that in the majority of cases, it is indeed safe. Since the introduction of chlorine into our tap water, I’ve been collecting my drinking water from springs and I’m still alive. So if you’d like to follow suite, get yourself several large containers and get into the habit of driving to one the known safe springs, namely: Ag Marina, Kriavrissi Karia, Moutero, Platanakia Elios. Whilst hiking, if the water is running strongly, it will be OK to drink, eg. Ag Anna, E Mana tou Nero, Kozaniti Alikias, Neratrehumena Taxiarcon.

Happy New Year to all our followers and I look forward to our first hike of 2024 on Sunday 21 January.