Getting ready to go to Skopelos

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Candice and Geoff are at work and I am home alone (!) However, the most mischief I will get up to is packing the wrong stuff in the wrong bag. I am having a general tidy up today and tomorrow because when I return from Skopelos (Friday 12th) I am off to London on the 13th for the remaining time till I leave on the 17th for Auckland (Candice says there is a shop she just MUST show me on the Saturday!). So, I am making sure all clothes are clean, packed ready and waiting.

I had a very pleasant weekend with Ed and Jan, visting Jan’s mum, Oxleas woods, Blackheath farmers Market. They are such a very pleasant couple to be with, very gentle, caring and thoughful. Jan is now vegan so I fed very well and felt better for even two days of good vegan food.

We went to town for dinner on the Saturday evening (wonderful dosa’s Elisabeth) and coming over Blackfriars bridge the city looked absolutely beautiful. But, even better, when we were leaving and all the lights were on, it looked fabulous and magical. I never fail to be impressed by the view of London from the river either upriver or down, there is always something interesting to see. Jan and I will be getting together, probably for lunch, before I leave for Auckland since she works in town.

We were visited each evening at Ed and Jan’s by the foxes who come to the garden to feed. There are two adults and the cubs of one of the adults. Foxy – the mother of the cubs is unafraid and I have some lovely pictures of her. Talking of pictures, I am totally frustrated at not being able to post pictures for you to see as I go around. The lead (from the camera to the computer) is not working and so I bought a card reader (where you put the memory stick from the camera into it/it is plugged into the computer via a USB lead) but this does not load onto Candice’s computer – and in fact caused a major problem when I tried to load it. So, sorry, no pictures till I get home.

Yesterday i spent the day at Rowhill grange being pampered. A swim (25-30 lengths), a spa, a jacuzzi; time for tea and a relaxing read before my facial, then lunch and lastly the hairdressers. Blissful.

Last night I had dinner with the Leharnes who were as rumbunctuous as ever and kept me entertained for a good few hours. Thomas has done brilliantly in his GCSE’s and is going on to do A Levels before going to University. He says Cambridge to do Environmental Chemistry/Geography. A bit like his father I think. Rebecca is, as always, Rebecca, indomitable, cheerful, funny and full of life. Lovely to be with, as is the whole family. Steve and Maggie are coming up to meet me on the Sunday after I come back from Skopelos.

Tonight I will have dinner with Andy and Lena the father and mother of Eleni, who came to stay with her boyfriend Paul last year – some of you will remember? I am looking forward to this since I haven’t seen Andy since we left England in 2003.

Now I am off to book tickets for the theatre for when I return from Skopelos. Mmmm Patrick Stewart in Macbeth? I’ve seen the RSC Seagull and King Lear in Auckland so no point is going again. Ah, well, pleasures to come.

And then, my dear, it is off to Skopelos for me – where, I hope, the next blog will be from. Till then, take care of each other. Lots of hugs. Ann

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