Good-bye Flaminia & Hamish

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Together with Emilie and myself, these volunteers worked so hard on The Monk’s Trail and I thank them so very much. As if the wasps weren’t enough, we had to contend with invisible, biting insects, smilax vine and household rubbish. The exit/entrance to the trail was totally overgrown and it took us a few hours of chopping and garbage removal to find it. This was particularly unpleasant as there was the constant pong of rubbish in the air. But they never complained and just got stuck in. Once the trail had been found, it was full steam ahead. We are so close to meeting up with cleared trail approached from the Glysteri valley but encountered a mass of fallen trees in a gully that blocked our way. Such a pity they won’t be around personally to see the final chop that will join the trails together. Bon voyage/kalo taxithi guys.

Thanks also to Regas House hotel for donating their accommodation.


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