Hello Corfu!

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The drive from Parga to Iggoumenitsa took about an hour and I didn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes for the ferry. The crossing took just over an hour and Mike, Gilly’s husband was waiting for me at Corfu port. Was nursing a bit of a hangover as Eva and I went out Thursday night. We tried to find some Parga nightlife but the place seems to close up around 11pm! How did we still manage to drink too much wine then?

The drive from Corfu town to Mike and Gilly’s place in Episkepsi took about an hour and I just followed Mike. Their house is beautiful, with stunning views all around. In the evening we went out for a lovely meal at a beach taverna. By the way, it seems that when I publish these blogs, there are typos, which aren’t mine. Really weird. Thought I was being careless but have gone back to check several times and the typos are still coming up.

  1. eileen williams

    G’day Mate from soggy Australia (well Central Coast anyway, still raining)

    I just may have set up google account so that I can send comments to your Blog! (Hope so, can’t be sure) Anyway wanted to say its been great reading your blog and seeing pics of you and Yorgi, and your little red wagon on your trip to various outposts in Greece visiting friends. I was glad Yorgi was accommpanying you but wondered if he was a macho dog and could protect you if need be, or would he just lick to death anyone that came near?
    Looking forward to next instalment.
    Lots of love, Eileen.

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