Times in Corfu

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Hi everyone. Well I’ve had a fantastic time here on Corfu; thanks to Mike and Gilly. Here they are. Thanks very much indeed.

Yesterday I met up with Tina, who rented my spare bedroom ten years ago. She worked at La Costa in Skopelos for three summers and ended up marrying Dimitri, the guy who ran the crepes place next door (now the stationery shop). She lives full-time on Corfu now, with Dimitri and her daughter Nefeli.

I have a very early start tomorrow morning – up at 3.30 to leave at 4 for the 5.30 ferry to Venice. Have booked a cabin in case I can smuggle Yorgi. Otherwise, he’ll have to stay in a box and separated from me.

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  1. piers

    Hi Heather

    Good luck with your journey – glad you liked Parga, we did too, and it was great to see Eva a few times.

    Hope to catch up with you in the UK this/next month for a long overdue chinwag!

    Lots of love
    Kalo taxidi,


  2. Ann and Rob

    Hi Heather,

    I am loving reading your blog, seeing what you and Yorgi are getting up to, hearing about the places you visit and the friends you meet up with.

    It all sounds fantastic and so good for you – apart from Eva’s canapy!

    Did I tell you that I will probably be coming to Skopelos in October – the last week of the season?

    Anyway, keep writing and posting the photos – which are especially wonderful.


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