Made it to the Samba Town of Coburg (and Prince Albert!)

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Hi everyone from Coburg, Germany. I made it eventually after two days solid driving.
The ferry to Venice was fine although poor Yorgi had to spend his time in a Doggie Area on deck together with two other large dogs, one of which kept eating his food! It rained during the night so even though the area was covered, as soon as I stept outside in the morning, above the howling wind, I also heard another howling. I couldn´t get up on deck quick enough! There he was, curled up in a corner, wet and abandoned!
Anyway, once off the ferry in Venice, all the car drivers had to wait on the port for the trucks to unload. Took at least half an hour, so good job it wasn´t raining hard. I´d shared my cabin with a German lady who made the trip often, so I followed her out of the port area and onto the chockerblock motorway – bit different to Skopelos! Shortly afterwards, she was into the fast lane and away. I stayed in the slow lane, absolutely petrified. I haven´t got a kind word to say about the truck drivers. Not Italian ones, Austrian ones or German ones! They are all b######s! Just cos I don´t want to drive at over 100km hour, I got hassled. Sometimes though I had to use autobahn but it was a harrowing experience.
Through the Bremmer pass I took the B road. Stayed 3/4 way along in a lovely guesthouse beside a stream, surrounded both sides by mountains. Paid €40 including wine and an excellent breakfast. Can’t show you the photos as I can’t find the camera download cable. Might even have left it in Corfu which will be a right bummer if I have.
The drive along the rest of the pass was excellent. Mountains, streams, pastures, little wooden houses with flowers on the balconies – real chocolate-box scenes.
So eventually arriving late day before yesterday in Coburg, met up with dad who just happened to be waiting on the steps of the hotel, which by the way costs €85 a night! Stayed just the one night then tried to find something else. But the whole down and beyond is fully booked cos of the festival, so the hotel took pity on me and put me up in a staff room in the attic. It’s perfect but I can’t stay there any longer than one night as it’s unofficial. So goodness knows where I’m gonna sleep tonight – maybe in the car! Bit of a comedown after chocolate on the pillow accommodation.
Last night we waited for dad’s band to arrive but they didn’t make it as far as we know as their coach driver ran out of time.
The atmosphere last night in town was amazing. Bands playing, people everywhere having fun. Stalls with wine a food… Real carnival stuff. Pity you can’t be here too to share it.

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