Kimissia, Pefkias

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We’ve been working very hard to get this trail open and I guess you can say that it now is, although there are still a few finishing touches to be made. You have to know that there are two illegal fences across it on the Kambos side but they can be opened. The stream bed (remma) is a bit difficult to cross but we will sort that out soon. From the remma down to Kambos and then Episcopi (Ring Road) the length is 2.23km. I’ll be posting a complete length as soon as I’ve GPSed it. 

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  1. Hannah aka vegvolunteer

    Well Heather, Che, Nicolas, Dee, Jackie, Manolis & to everyone else who helped clear this path and thanks path for the scratches/scars to prove I was there too!! Keep up the great work Heathere aka superwoman.

    • Heather Parsons

      I will think fondly of you all every time I hike this trail. It’s your trail. xx

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