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Please welcome David from Spain and Jenna from the USA. We’ve been working for several days now, joined on Saturday by local Emmanuel Paleologos, on the trail between the heliport and Prof. Ilias, Kokola. Please be careful at a small holding near the water tank at the Prof. Ilias end as there are some free and rather aggressive dogs.

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  1. John Williams

    Hi Heather,

    Is that path open now to walk, or does it need more of your teams hard work? I was thinking of walking that way to Agnondas shortly.
    Yesterday we walked Palio Klima to Glossa. In places the orchids were in profusion. Wonderful sight.
    Glad to hear you are still doing such a great job on the old paths.
    John and Jane

    • Heather Parsons

      Hi John and Jane. Yes, as much as we can clip with so much sage and rock rose. I haven’t checked the stretch up though TO the church. We only did from the water tank towards the heliport.

  2. John Williams


    Thanks for that information.

    Just to let you know, we have walked to Kyparissi from the junction at Agia Triada, and we’re really impressed by how much better the path is now. A couple of years ago I had a hack at tit in places, and it was pretty difficult to get through without being torn to bits. Some lovely small orchids in places.
    Today we walked the dirt middle road out to Kambos, and then to our joy found that the path continuing has also been kept up. Again I spent time on it a while back, but with just hand tools made only small impressions. Now it is a good clear path past the spring and I also see you have cleared and marked the old calderimi going up the hill to Panaghia Polamistria. I thought that had gone for good a year or two ago.
    All the best, John

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