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  1. Terry and Gerry

    Hi Heather – Happy New Year! Have been coming to Skopelos for last 10 years – we love walking and have a very well used copy of your book! In the past we have based ourselves in Skopelos town and have also caught the bus to do walks further afield. This time we would like to base ourselves further north and have found some nice accommodation in Elios. We will obviously get the bus up to Glossa to walk that area but are there local walks in the Elios area we can do as it is also nice to walk from base?

    Many thanks in anticipation!

    • Heather Parsons

      Hello there and many thanks for your email regarding trails from Elios (New Klima).
      Bearing in mind that prior to 1965, Elios, as a village, did not exist and one of the few buildings there was a simple resin collectors cottage, the only trails would have been coming down from the forest of Delphi, where resin was collected. The main road didn’t even exist. Together with my volunteers, we have recently spent 2 months reopening a one km stretch of beautiful calderimi (cobbled street) coming down from Ag Reginos Pirgos to the Platanakia spring and Platanos spring, which are halfway down the mountain. The rest was a simple trail which we will endeavour to recreate in April all the way down to the village. It will have to cross the new asphalt road in two places. This may have been completed by the time you arrive. It will not follow the asphalt all the way down to the main road, but branch off by a council installation and emerges beside the Zanette hotel. Other than that, this same lane can be taken and after some ten minutes on the new asphalt road, continue on in a north westerly direction on a fire road. This runs all the way to Old Clima.
      I once managed to walk from Kastani beach to Elios. It wasn’t easy but at least doable just about.
      I know of no other trails in that area.
      Having spent the above 2 months living in Elios, we found the people there very kind and friendly and the tavernas of a good standard. It is also from Elios that Shane has his stand-up paddle boarding business and Neil his canoeing business. Whilst the sea-front (paralia) is only a quarter of the size of Skopelos paralia, there are enough sailing boats using the harbour to keep one interested.
      Kind regards

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