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Hi Everyone.

As you might know the Blog I’ve been using since 2005 has become corrupted by spams. The way round this – so that I don’t lose my text – is that I have created this new blog and have copied and pasted all my old stuff into this one. So, you can totally ignore everything below because you may have read it already. There is another blog that Rob and I have but that is mainly about Rob’s recent trip to England and some of you are already readers of that one.

I am sorry that all the photos have been lost from the ‘recovered’ 2006/2005 blog – but I shall work hard to get more for this one. Try this address, I have posted some photos there.

Anyway, it is just one week till I set off again. On Wednesday 12th September I leave New Zealand for five weeks to England, Scotland and Greece. The main purpose of my trip is to dispose of our possessions which are in storage in Hornsea. So, after that is done then I have time to play – and to blog. I hope you will keep me company again; it comforts me to know I am not out in the big wide world all alone, but am watched over by my blog friends wherever I go. So, until September, bye for now. Love to all. Ann

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  1. Val

    all right…I’m ready and waiting for the next marathon trip … pictures and commentary. Interesting about the viagra…geeezzz

    and I like the relaxed mode with wine glass….gives me an idea…think I’ll go have some wine…

  2. Maggie

    Hi Ann

    Hope you’ve time to see us whilst you’re in London – we can do the wine and it’s even sunny today. Steve is away in Mexico from 9th until 20th but I’ll be around except possibly the weekend 15th/16th when we may be going up to Leeds to see Mum. Have fun!

  3. Ann

    Great to hear from you! Good to see you Val and Maggie already starting posting. I have been so busy that I think I shall need the rest of the 24hr plane journey to revive for the rest of the trip. Mind you, I think part of the tiredness is too much wine as I say sociable goodbyes to friends – all in the line of duty, no?

    Yes, I will definitely see you when I am in London Maggie. Not sure when yet but it may be either towards the end of September, after I have done the work,or when I come back from Greece around the 13th Oct. Whenever, it is I am so looking forward to seeing you all.

    Talk soon. Love. Ann

  4. Steve

    Hi Ann

    Just to let you know that I have now figured out how to write something to your blog. Glad to see that my trip to Mexico won’t prevent us from getting together.

    See you soon and have a good trip

    Love Steve

  5. Ann

    Hi Steve,
    Well done – I knew you could do it!! Yes, I am looking forward to seeing you too. Have a fab time in Mexico – watch out for those Aztec’s. Tell Thomas we are so proud of him – didn’t he do well. Love to all. Ann

  6. SarahJ

    Looking forward to seeing you. Call me when you arrive – I have you pencilled in for various dates so keep me posted. Expect usual chaos and mayhem – have just started a secondment (home based at last) and despite my (long-thwarted) ambition for order, so far I have only succeeded in making more mess – papers and coffee cups all over the place! Have a good flight – C U soon. Sarah x

  7. Ann

    Hi Sarah,
    I will ring when I get there. But as you know I won’t know when I’ll be with you till I get some sort of idea how stuff in Hornsea is going to go. I hope to see you 22/09 – and I definitely will keep in touch and let you know ASA I know. My dear, you could not possibly be more disorganised than one of my very best friends (you know who you are) or my employer. Both are the most wonderful people but order is not something that is important to them – so I think you will be a breeze, Sarah. Looking forward to seeing you. Love. Ann

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