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Hi guys! Here I am, sitting in the reception area of a hotel near Arras in France. I really did NOT want to leave UK. It was a terrible wrench to do something I didn’t want to do. Dad had left early to attend a samba band gig and when I couldn’t find anything else to pack, eventually left at 11am. News… I bought a Sat Nav. It is the most wonderful thing ever. Got here without a hitch AND I now have the confidence to drive faster – 100kph, no problem! So, I may even tell the satnav to take me via motorways rather than the B roads – as nice as they are, so far. Just want to get the journey over and done with. As far as I know, Skopelos has not burnt down.

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  1. Anonymous

    The news from Greece is awful and I was hoping all your friends were not in the line of the fires. Enjoy your Satnav, what a brilliant invention though I have heard that it sometimes takes you the ‘pretty’ (long) way round. Don’t drive too fast !! Joyce

  2. eileen williams

    Hi Hev, I wondered if you would have left UK to return to Greece after seeing on TV on weekend the terrible fires burning across the country. I expect though they will be under control by the time you get down that way. I know how much of a wrench it would have been for you to leave UK and I feel for you. Felt same way myself last time I was in UK too. Take care on the roads Hev and pleased to know your Satnav is helping heaps. Thinking of you..

    Spring has sprung here it seems and the air has been filled with the smell of jasmine today with air temp around 27 celcius.
    Love, Eileen

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